DANCE REMIXES: We have one of the largest catalogues of top quality dance remakes/covers. Some of these have charted in Top 40 in Australia, appeared on many platinum and gold selling dance compilations in Europe, SE Asia and Japan, reached Top 100 Dance charts on iTunes. All have been commercially released around the world by many leading independent as well as some major labels. Unlike some other companies, who produce 'sound-alike' covers, most of ours are in different styles and/or arrangements to the original hits. Here are a few popular ringtones created from tracks in our catalogue:

Star Wars Theme - Star Boys PLAY   MP3
Mission Impossible - Top Secret PLAY    MP3
James Bond Theme - Top Secret PLAY    MP3
Dr. Who Theme - Galaxy 4 PLAY    MP3
Oxygene - Aquarius PLAY    MP3
Super Mario Brothers - Boogie Heights PLAY    MP3
Lambada - Gringo PLAY    MP3
Heart Of Glass - Mary Anne PLAY    MP3
Mas Que Nada - Los Soneros PLAY    MP3
Crunchy Granola - Miljhana-K PLAY    MP3

BLUES/JAZZ: We have digital rights to several albums of such jazz/blues greats as Benny Goodman, Dizzy Gillespie, Chick Corea, Stan Getz, Winton Marsalis, BB King, Art Blackey & The Messangers
Dizzy Gillespie's album has reached No. 1 on Blues Top 100 Albums on iTunes USA and Top 10 in many European Itunes store. Chick Corea's album reached No. 12 on Jazz Top 100 Albums on iTunes USA and Top 20 in many European Itunes store. Here are few ringtones created from these albums :

Dizzy Gillespie - Gettin' Down PLAY    MP3
Dizzy Gillespie - Slew Foot PLAY    MP3
Chick Corea - Fiesta (mini tone) PLAY    MP3

We also have a large catalogue of original material - Dance, Electronica, Chillout, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock/Alternative.
Many of these tracks also have been on Top 100 charts on Itunes and have been released around the world. Here a few ringtones in various styles:

Salsa De New York - Gringo Latin-Dance PLAY MP3
Pata Negra - Gringo Latin-Dance PLAY MP3
Spy vs Spy - Filter Kings Electronica PLAY MP3
It's Over Baby! - Filter Kingz Electronica PLAY MP3
Super Salsa - Gringo Latin-Dance PLAY MP3
Pleasure - Digitelle Electronica PLAY MP3
We're Gettin High - Mac da Nac Hip-hop(explicit) PLAY MP3
All For the money - Mac da Nac Hip-hop(explicit) PLAY MP3
In funk we trust.mp3 Funk/Disco PLAY MP3
Digeridoo electro World/Electronic PLAY MP3
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