label partners
These are just some of the companies that released tracks from our catalogue:

Avex (SE Asia)
Toshiba-EMI Records (Japan)
Sony Music (Australia)
Sony-BMG (India)
ToCo Internationl (Worldwide)
Valentine (SE Asia)
Rock Records (SE Asia)
Form Records (Singapore)
Milan Records (USA)
Arcade (Spain,Germany)
Dance Street (Germany)
Dance Paradise/Souyz (Russia)
David Gersham Music (South Africa)
ZYX Records (Germany)
Eightball Records (USA)
River Records (Taiwan)
Crossline Records (Taiwan)
Kickin' Music (UK)
What's Music (Taiwan)
Quality/Warlock Records (USA)
Dance Plant Records (Canada)
K-Tel (Canada)
Latin Music Entertainment (USA)
Jaxx (Switzerland)
Pro DJ International (Australia)
Colossal Records (Australia)
Dino Music (Australia)
CEL Entertainment (Australia)
Dyna Music (Phillipines)
Paradoxx (Brazil)
Stallions Records (Middle East)
Super Cassettes (India)
Snakes Music (Poland)
Thump Records (USA)
Ursa Major (Thailand)
X:treme (USA)
FM Records (Greece)
and many others...

company history

Established in 1991, Odessa Mama Records is one of leading independent labels in Australia. Based in Melbourne, the company has been very active in the international markets, achieving success in SE Asia, Japan as well as Europe and USA.

Tracks from our catalogue have been released by many leading independent as well as some major labels around the world. Some of the tracks have charted in Top 40 in Australia, appeared on multi-platinum and gold selling compilations in Japan, SE Asia and Europe.

In the last few years, we've had many Top 10 albums and singles on various iTunes stores around the world, as well as No.1 album on iTunes Holland and Belgium. We have a very large catalogue of mobile content and had No.1 ringtones on Itunes Mexico, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Poland as well as Top 10 in US, UK, Brazil and most other iTunes stores.

Initially, we specialized in production and releases of mainly dance-oriented material (which still remains the core of our activities), however we are now also involved with other genres. Our catalogue currently contains over 30,000 recordings from our Australian and US based artists/producers as well as licensed material from other label partners - Dance/Pop, Electronica, Chillout, House, Techno, Dance Remixes, Jazz, Blues, Rock/Alternative and Classical.

We have been very active in placing music for film, TV and multi-media projects. Our music is currently being heard by millions of TV viewers in Australia and around the world. We control the publishing rights to the the majority of our original recordings.

With the explosion of digital and mobile download market, we are making our catalogue available to all the major digital and mobile distributors.
We were one of the first labels back in 1999 to have our catalogue available for digital downloads with Liquid Audio Networks and for TV/film licensing with

Odessa Mama Records is a division of D.L.F. Productions Pty. Ltd.
a privately held company ACN 067 045 952 ABN 98 067 045 952

 tv, film, media
Some of the companies that used our music:

Showtime (USA)
19 Entertainment (USA)
Exero Media (Australia/UK)
ABC (Australia)
SBS (Australia)
Channel 9,10 (Australia)
Foxtel (Australia)
Optus (Australia)
Cosmo TV (Spain/Latin America)
ATV (Hong Kong)
Chum TV (Canada)
UPC Cable (Holland)
CS Cable TV (Japan)
Phoenix TV (Japan)
TV7 (Indonesia)
Qantas Airlines
Malaysian Airlines
Air New Zealand
Cathay Pacific
Arthur Andersen Consulting
CML Design
Integrity 7 Productions
and many others...

digital distribution

freent digital (formely Jamba)

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